Millennial Mom

B ecoming a mom in the golden age of the Internet is sort of a double-edged sword. On one hand, we have an astounding amount of information, products, tools, and apps at arms reach. When our moms were starting out, apps” wasn’t even a word. 

On the other, there’s the overwhelming number of choices, and the clashing voices we hear on what really makes for good parenting. Add the picture-perfect families you see on social media, and life could just make you feel like you’re the only one who doesn’t have life sorted out.

I’m Jeleen, a freelance creative, millennial, and a new mom.

If you asked me a few years back, I would say that I’m not even sure that I wanted kids. At age 10, I’ve had a hand in raising my then baby sister, so I knew all too well that there’s nothing pretty about being a new mother. So when celebrities start musing about their blissful journey as new moms, I just roll my eyes and tell myself that they should thank their secret nannies for that.

And yet, here I am now, a mommy blogger’. While I find that there’s still nothing glamorous about stretchmarks, diaper leaks, and chronic sleep deprivation—there is something about embracing motherhood that changes us, and makes us better people (I guess).

So here’s the story of my own take on motherhood—what I’ve tried, what worked, what didn’t—and all the happy punchlines along the way.

This blog is what you read when you're terribly sleep-deprived with a newborn, when you just had small talk with the mean mom at the PTA, or when you're just having a bad hair day.

Through my stories, I hope that somehow, I make you feel less alone in your worries, confusion, and insecurities—and therefore be bolder, better, badder moms that your kids will be thankful for one day.

Unless they turn out to be spoiled, ungrateful brats, which is also very possible. But at least we know did our best with all the knowledge and apps of our time.